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Confessions of an Airport-lover. The ‘Non-place’ in a global village.

Like millions of others – possibly including yourself – I passed through several airports this summer (Remember summer?). But – perhaps unlike you – I obsess about airports, maybe because air travel forms a key part of my studies, or because I’m just something of an aero-geek. I mean, I was in the air cadets for two years as a teenager. But if you think about it, airports are strange, unique kinds of places.

Full-Body Scanners: Explosive Violence or Naked Domination

For the last several months, reports about full-body scanners in airports have been floating in and out of the news cycle.  These machines were sexualized long before they were implemented.  News stories fantasize about every possible voyeuristic scenario, both to titillate and to trouble us.  Then, recently, the media hit gold when “a security worker at London Heathrow Airport […] ogled a female colleague using a full-body scanner […] after his colleague mistakenly strayed into the scanner, which can see...