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Politics and the Professor

by theoryforthemasses In his 2004 American Sociological Association Presidential Address, sociologist Michael Burawoy suggested that the discipline of sociology moved politically leftward in recent years, whereas the United States generally moved to the right. This perpetuated the perception of sociology as a left-leaning, liberal discipline. Moreover, it has long been a contention of the politically conservative (and many general sociology students) that the liberal bent of academic professors, particularly in the humanities, is both too obvious and influential in the...

The Berkley History Project

by Feistyle Since 1991 Berkley have conducted interviews with their faculty. The 31 videos are an archive of notable and fascinating thinkers in Sociology. These videos have been collected into the film Public Sociologies at Berkley.     See more   Barrie Thorne on Year Round Schools and the Politics of Time