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Tara Mantovani Stamm

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Academic History

Teaching Faculty (August, 2015), Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

B.A. English Literature (2005) University of North Florida

M.A. Practical Philosophy and Applied Ethics (2007) University of North Florida

M.S. and Ph.D. Sociology (2015) Florida State University

Research Interests

My current research spotlights the experiences and depictions of young mothers, the importance of emerging mixed-methodological techniques, and intersections between gender, education, and media in popular culture. My additional research projects use content analysis to examine depictions of social movement activists from 1970 to present and the Neoliberal discourse of millennial generation feminists.

Selected Publications

Forthcoming Stamm, Tara. “Value Justice in a Southern Prison”. Keeping it Holy: Southerners, the South and the Theme of Justice edited by Teresa Booker. University of Mississippi Press: Jackson.

2014 Rohlinger Deana, Jesse Klein, Tara Stamm, and Kyle Rogers. “Constricting Boundaries: Collective Identity in the Tea Party Movement” in Border Politics, Social Movements and Globalization edited by Nancy Naples and Jennifer Bickham-Mendez. New York: New York University Press.

2013 Rohlinger, Deana., Tara Stamm. “Acting Contentiously: Simulating Social Movements” Academic Exchange Quarterly Volume 17, Issue 2.


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